The cancellation of the reservation will give the right to retain as a maximum, in compensation, the following percentage of the required signal:
a) Retain 5% when the cancellation is made more than 30 days before the date set to occupy the accommodation.
b) Retain 50% when done with 30 or less days and more than 7 days.
c) It will retain 100% when it is done with less than 7 days.

Reservation form

(select 14:00 H)The hour and minute fields can be removed. You can set which hours and minutes should be selectable.
(select 10:00 H)The departure field can be replaced by a billing unit select. Your guests would only have to select how many nights they want to stay.
All reservation fields can be replaced by hidden fields to either dictate them or take the value from the widget and search form.
Many options like restricting the amount of adults can be set directly at the form field.
Camas extras

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