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Tudes is in the lovely valley of Cererceda, the least developed of the four valleys in the district of Liebana. It is quiet, sunny and spacious, with houses built in the typical architecural style of the area. At a height of 700 metres, it enjoys wonderful views of the Picos de Europa. Yet it is only 10 minutes from Potes, the most important town in Liebena, the centre of life in the area, which offers restaurants, bars and all kinds of services.

Tudes is also a living village with friendly neighbours, many of whom still live mainly from the land and can be seen herding their cattle and sheep through the village.

As well as an ideal base for exploring Liebana, Tudes is also a place to be enjoyed for itself – its tranquility, the splendid views and a number of lovely walks that can be done in the nearby hills with their native woodland, visiting places like the uninhabited hamlet of Porcieda.

In 2009 the owners opened in the cow byers of what is now their own house an unusual and original tavern decorated with portraits of the villagers and where you can can eat in the form of light meals and snacks and play pool and darts. From the tavern you can visit the old kitchen of the house.

The district of Liebana, the most easterly part of the Picos de Europa, is an area of great beauty and huge contrasts, a small world apart, sheltered by the mountains that surround it but only 40 minutes from the Cantabrian beaches.

Its spectacular mountains, which reach 2,600 metres, offer stunning views and are home to an alpine flora and fauna. Its green valleys have an almost Mediterranean vegetation. Its higher slopes are one of the last strongholds of the brown bear and the Iberian wolf. Mountain deer, wild boar, birds of prey and an extraordinary variety of wild flowers and butterflies abound. The area has its own microclimate, warm in summer and with low rainfall throughout the year.

Liébana, at the eastern edge of the Picos de Europa, is an area of extraordinary beauty and enormous contrasts – a little world of its own, sheltered by the mountains that surround it, yet only 40 minutes from the sandy Cantabrian beaches and easily reached from the UK.

Its imposing mountains, which reach over 8,000 feet, provide spectacular views and are home to alpine flora and fauna.

The vegetation in the valleys, by contrast, is almost Mediterranean. The higher ground is home to the Iberian brown bear, wolf, and ibex. Wild boar and birds of prey abound, and there is a wonderful variety of wild flowers.

The area enjoys its own microclimate – warm in summer, bracing in winter, and with low rainfall.

Scattered in the valleys and lower mountain slopes are more than fifty delightful villages and hamlets, where farming still dominates. Many have examples of interesting and attractive religious architecture. The Saint Toribio Monastry holds the largest surviving piece of Christ’s cross.Liebana offers a wide range of activities for the holidaymaker who wishes to do more than just relax and see the area. These include walking, bird watching, horse riding, mountain biking, mountaineering, canoeing and hang-gliding.

The main town in Liebana, Potes, has an old part with a medieval atmosphere, restaurants where you can sample the local cuisine, bars, and a wide range of services. Every Monday, a traditional market is held there, and several times a year the town plays host to larger festivals. Many of the villages also hold their own fiestas.

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